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> Inflatable Bouncer jumper (132)
> Inflatable combo (90)
> Inflatable Standard Dry Slides (105)
> inflatable water slide (57)
> Inflatable castle (40)
> inflatable Water games (75)
> Inflatable obstacle Courses (49)
> Fun playground city (47)
> Inflatable Sports games (45)
> Football sports games (33)
> Climbing sports games (12)
> Inflatable tent &dome (88)
> Inflatable pool (18)
> Zorb Ball and Water ball (77)
> Inflatable tunnel (10)
> Christmas Series (16)
> Air dancer (43)
> Balloon with light (36)
> Inflatable arch (16)
> Sky balloon (19)
> Inflatable screen (8)
> Inflatable cartoon (53)
inflatable Football games
4 sets inflatable games
inflatable 3 in 1 sports games
inflatable Athletics sports games
inflatable combo
inflatable fun land
--Product Knowledge / Why Inflatable Industry Gets Prosperous--

Nowadays, more and more inflatable products come to our live. From the big aspect, you can find inflatable in events, ceremony, exhibitions, playground and so on, while from the small aspect, little inflatable toys can be found in kids' hands. Why inflatable industry gets more and more prosperous?

There are three main reasons:

Firstly, it is technical factor. The trend of inflatable development is good, and the profit is also high, but why workers who are occupied in this industry can not open factories by themselves? That is because there is a technical factor in it.
Secondly, it is market factor. Now is economic times, marketing environment changes greatly. There are many congeneric products, most of people believe brands. They will compare with quality and appearance. If manufacturers can make something to catch customers' eyes, they will be succeed in this economic times.

Inflatable is born at this right moment, because its characteristics are suitable to the requirement of this market. Compare to three main media, inflatable is the fifth media. However, it is economic, convenient, so it can create heated atmosphere at the scene. It acts as advertisement. Inflatable arches can be found almost in every outside activities,  inflatable cartoon break ice while ten meters high wine bottle attract people's attentions.
Thirdly, it is social factor. Society is colorful while life is positive, peace and success are each one's good wish. No matter what company and what family is, once they get something good, they will celebrate together.  So you also can see inflatable products in celebration ceremony, festival, party, major sports event, etc.

With the development trend of times, inflatable industry will get more and more prosperous.

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