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> Inflatable Bouncer jumper (132)
> Inflatable combo (90)
> Inflatable Standard Dry Slides (105)
> inflatable water slide (57)
> Inflatable castle (40)
> inflatable Water games (75)
> Inflatable obstacle Courses (49)
> Fun playground city (47)
> Inflatable Sports games (45)
> Football sports games (33)
> Climbing sports games (12)
> Inflatable tent &dome (88)
> Inflatable pool (18)
> Zorb Ball and Water ball (77)
> Inflatable tunnel (10)
> Christmas Series (16)
> Air dancer (43)
> Balloon with light (36)
> Inflatable arch (16)
> Sky balloon (19)
> Inflatable screen (8)
> Inflatable cartoon (53)
inflatable Football games
4 sets inflatable games
inflatable 3 in 1 sports games
inflatable Athletics sports games
inflatable combo
inflatable fun land
--News / Maintenances for inflatable products--

How to maintain inflatable products? Now let me tell you something about that.

Firstly, inflatable products are afraid of scrape. They are just like our clothes, the best cloth still can be scraped. Therefore,k when you use inflatable arches, you have to make sure there is enough space for them. Inflatable arches must avoid sharp

objects like branches in the air or cheek on communication cable.

Secondly, inflatable products are afraid of drag. When they need to move, please uplift them and then move. If inflatable products are dragged on the ground, as time goes by, they will easily to abrade.

Thirdly, inflatable products are afraid of firecrackers and fireworks. In all kinds of collective occasion, such as celebration and opening, firecrackers or fireworks are needed. We have to instruct the organizer or boss that firecrackers or fireworks can be lighted must be 6 meters far away from inflatable products.

 Finally, how to clean inflatable products if they get dirty? If they are dusty, you just need to use besom or other related tools to pat it. And if they are muddy, then please wipe up with wet cloth.

Those are something about maintenance for inflatable products, with they are useful for you.

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