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--Product Knowledge / about Inflatable pool --

Inflatable pool is a small size of public bath or pool. With light characteristic and easy to carry inflatable pools are widely used in many occasions such as in park, at home. They only need to be inflated and put into some water. Then they can be used. Inflatable pools are mostly for kids. There can set some fishes in the pool. Then when playing, kids can catch fish to improve hand eye co-ordination and feel more exciting. Water ball and hand ship can also be put into inflatable pools. Besides, the size of the pools can also be customized.

Inflatable pools are made of 0.55mm Plato PVC. Usually pools are quadrate. Sometimes, they are also in circle or diamond. The material is non-poisonous and odorless. It is without any harm for kids. The material is also fire-resistant and can stay in -40℃.


Blower & repair kit. There are some material and glue in repair kit.


1. Low cost and high profit. It is durable, safe and easy to repair.

2. Easy to install and dismounting.

3. It is easy and fast to manufacture. The size can be made according to the real situation.


1. Find a clear and flat ground and sweep away all the poignant things. Lay open the inflatable toy on the ground and inflate according to the specification of blower.

2. When inflating,there should be someone lookingafter it. And please notice the toy should be inflated moderately. That can avoid cracking once it inflated too full.

3. Please inflate it under stable voltage, and ensure the toy is used under the best state of stresses. And please inflate or deflate in time according to the different temperature.

4. Water level should not be higher than 2/3 of the height of pool. Otherwise the pool will be out of shape and may lead to crack.



1. Drain water and deflate.

2. Scissor a piece of repair material. (Repair material should be 3 times bigger than repair position, and be better in the shape of circle or oval.)

3. Wipe specialized glue respectively and blow-dry or dry naturally.

4. Glue them together. Please be careful not to Generate Bubble, then flatten by hands.)

5. Press it by a flat, hard and heavy object on a flat place for 24 hours.

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